The Joseph House Clothing Bank Ministry is an outreach to all who come in need. 


Located at 6108 St. Clair Avenue, the clothing bank serves local neighbors in Cleveland and refugees who resettle here from all over the world. 

Your donations make a "world of difference."

Generous donations from local churches and individual supporters have made it possible for over 1,700 local neighbors and over 1,600 refugees to receive clothing and shoes.  

Refugee shoppers have come from the 31 countries shown below:

Map Key : 1. Sudan  2. Congo  3. Bhutan  4. Burma  5. Somalia  6. Ethiopia 

7. Tanzania  8. Iraq  9. Eritrea  10. Afghanistan 11. Nepal 12. Pakistan  13. Burundi 

14. Ukraine  15. Zambia  16. Syria 17. Kenya  18. Jordan  19. Israel  20. Uzbekistan 

21. Rwanda 22. Thailand  23. Uganda  24. Yemen  25. South Sudan 

26. Burkina Faso  27. Cote d'Ivoire  28. Colombia  29. Liberia  30. Cuba  31. Cameroon

 To see our current clothing needs, visit our Donate Clothing page.  

History: In November of 2011, the Clothing Bank Ministry opened and began serving clients from the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood.

In April of 2014, Joseph House began a new collaboration with Catholic Charities Migration and Refugee Services (MRS), the largest refugee resettlement agency in Cleveland. This partnership expanded our Clothing Bank Ministry to serve not only local neighbors in need, but also refugees that arrive in Cleveland through MRS. Each week, MRS brings newly arrived refugees to the clothing bank, where they "shop" for clothing and shoes.

Over the past few years, Joseph House has built relationships with local Cleveland churches, schools, and social service agencies. These ministry partners have begun referring their clients to shop here, allowing for greater outreach to individuals and families in need.

Shopping Moments: Joan Laux, Clothing Bank Coordinator, recounts a story about a beautiful 3-4 year old little girl from Somalia who came in shopping with her father. She entered the store wearing her traditional clothing with a bejeweled hijab on her head. By the time she left with her father, she had traded the hijab for a baseball cap, which she was wearing backwards. Adorable!

Recently a local client was shopping for clothing at the same time students from St. Ignatius High School were volunteering. As the students were leaving, Joan thanked them and mentioned to the local shopper that they were from St. Ignatius. The shopper announced that he was a graduate of the class of 1974 and was proud to see the boys helping us. What a small world!

Contact Us: To learn more about this ministry or to volunteer, please call Joseph House at 216-431-7200 and leave a message for Joan.